Victoria College, Jaffna - Over 138 years of excellence in Education

[Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) - 28 Sep 2014]

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In the wake of religious reawakening carried by Srila Sri Arumuga Navalar in the second half of the 19th century, an action group was created in the Jaffna District for the setting up of English medium schools in various parts of Jaffna. As one of the first steps in this direction, Canagaratnam Muthaliyar started Chulipuram Hindu English School in 1876. This school survived and grew to be the Victoria College as it is presently known.

The first landmark in the history of the school is its registration as a government assisted school in February 1892. It was the first government assisted English school in the island. The school progressed in all aspects. A playground was acquired and cricket was introduced. A cricket match was played in 1899 at the Victoria College grounds between Victoria College and Jaffna Hindu College.

A big event of those days that needs mention was the prize giving in 1905, presided over by His Excellency Sir Henry Blake (the Governor of the country) and Lady Blake. On the same day Governor Sir Henry Blake opened the newly built Ridgeway Hall.

The lrish graduate Willoughby Small was the first principal of the school. In 1938 H. S. C class was formed. In 1945, leader of the oppo- sition late Mr. Amirthalingam had the distinction of being the first student (arts) to enter the university from Victoria College.

The government took over Victoria College on 01.08.1946 with 13 teachers and 371 students. In 1976, the college centenary celebrations took place on a grand scale. From 13.05.1996 the school started to function on its own premises at Chulipuram again.

The institutions 125th anniversary was celebrated in 2001 and the founder’s statue was installed to commemorate the significant day. The playground of Victoria College is the best in the area and is situated in a land of three acres. Though Victoria lost its status as a central school, it maintains its eminent position in the Valikamam zone.

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Today, the success story of the college is compiled at its best under the leadership of the present principal Mrs. S. Sivagumar (SLPS 2-II) and she has an enormous challenge of guiding over 1100 students and nearly 55 academic staff towards success.

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Victoria College is a 1AB school with GCE ( A/ L) Science, Arts, Commerce and many other privileges has been given in studies from Grades 6-13 in all the fields to face future challenges. There is a well equipped Science laboratory, Home science unit, a Computer lab, Library, and language units. As the students have been provided with all the major facilities for Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels streams, annually they were able to send student to the university to all facilities including Medicine and Engineering. The pass rate in both G.C.E. (O/L) and G. C. E. ( A/ L) has increased gradually in the recent past.

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Parallel to subject based activities, the students excel in extracurricular activities at the provincial level and national level. Cricket, Elle, Volleyball and Netball teams were able to capture all island places at national events since 2011.

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The students were able give to out their maximum efforts at the Tamil Day and English Day competitions and won many Zonal, District and Island level awards.

Victoria College has an active old students association and school development society.

Victoria College strictly abides by its vision: “Producing good citizens, conserving our cultural traditional ethics; understanding the scientific and technological changes of the modern world”, which bestows its goals towards success. Therefore, Victoria College has become an outstanding school in the area.

Thanks to: Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) - 28 Sep 2014