School History

In the wake of a religious re-awakening brought about by Srila Sri Arumuga Navalar in the second half of the 19th century, a movement was created in the Jaffna district for the setting up of English medium schools in different parts of Jaffna. One of the first to move in this direction was Canagaratnam Muthaliyar.

He started Chulipuram Hindu English School in 1876. There is an old bell in the school where the figure 1880 is written out. This school survived and grew to be the Victoria College.

The first landmark in the history of the school is its registration as a government assisted school in February 1892. It was the first government assisted English school in the Island.

The school progressed in all directions. A playground was acquired and cricket was introduced. A cricket match was played in 1899 at the Victoria college grounds between Victoria College and Jaffna Hindu College.

The Victoria was the leading Hindu school published a school magazine in 1898.

A big event of those days that needs mention was the prize giving of 1905 presided over by His Excellency Sir Hentry Blake (the Governor of the country) and Lady Blake. On the same day Governor Sir Hentry Blake opened the newly built Ridgeway Hall. There is a reference of a lecture delivered on March 15, 1909 in the Ridgeway Hall of Victoria College of Chulipuram by Mr.A.Hoisington, B.A Cambridge, a native of Jaffna on his experiences of life in London and New York.

The Irish graduate Willoughby Small was the first Principal of the school there is evidence that he along with the principals of Jaffna Hindu College and Manipay Hindu College introduced common examination for these three colleges.

In 1938 H.S.C class was formed in 1945 leader of the opposition late Mr. Amirthalingam had the distinction of being the first student (Arts) to enter the university from Victoria College.

The government took over the school on 01.08.1946 with 13 teachers and 371 students.

The primary school building was put up in 1948. In 1951 the new building (MMV type) housing the classrooms and all four laboratories was put up.

In 1955 Gurugae Block was built, the playground was extended and part of the boundary wall was built. In 1962 Mr. K. Balachandran entered the Engineering faculty of the university. In 1963 the H.S.C Union was formed. The Home science laboratory also was built then. The Sivagamasunthari Sametha Nadarajar statue was installed in the main hall.

In 1976 the century was celebrated. In 1978, 2 lms of land was purchased on the Northern side.

In 1981 two students entered the medical faculty, one engineering faculty & one science. In 1982 eleven students entered the university for Almost all Faculties.

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